Meet our Team: Eleanor

Feeling christmassy before a Winter FjordSafari in December

Feeling christmassy before a Winter FjordSafari in December




Head FjordSafari Guide

Time at FjordSafari:
4 years

Seasonal/Full time:
All year round

Best FjordSafari memory:
When we started having ‘‘Morning Snowshoe Hike”, and got to see the amazing sunrise over the fjords for the first time.

Why do you like your job?
I get to share my passion for nature with people!

Top tip for trips:
Always bring a rainjacket !  Make sure you take the time to look around and actually enjoy the moment. Sakte means slowly, and life is not a race.

Favourite Fjordsafari trip:
Being on the fjord in early spring or late autumn, with snowcapped mountains and roaring waterfalls. You get all the seasons at once!

Favourite personal trip:
I love skiing in the mountains in the winter, with peace, quiet and undtouched terrain.

Always in your backpack or pockets?
Extra clothing, and extra chocolate! Possibly my pet cat…

Most likely to be seen:  
All over the place! There’s a norwegian expression about how people can be like potatoes - I’m a little like a potato, I go well with everything! Office, fjord, hikes, engine room maintenance – you name it I might be there!

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